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UntitledHow you display, or wear, an ID card can make a huge difference in how easy or not it is access your card all day long – if you need to scan or show the card multiple times, you need it easily at hand.

But what are your options to keep it quickly accessible without letting it get in your way?


Lanyards are a popular choice because they are so easy to use – they can be worn with any uniform or outfit because it is work like a necklace, not clipped onto the cardholder’s clothing. Available in a wide range of materials and styles, lanyards are used by businesses in every industry.

One downside of lanyards, however, is that they may get in your way as you work. Lanyards can move around throughout the day, and will hang down if you lean forward (possible hitting a patient if you work in healthcare, for example).

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Badge Reels

Badge reels clip into your clothing either with a strap clip or belt clip. Also available in a wide range of colors and styles, reels are just as easy to use as a lanyard.

Their clip design holds the badge closer to your person during work, reducing the chances of it swinging in your way. But with especially delicate fabric the clips may pull or snag your clothing.

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Badge Holders

A badge holder are used to protect your ID cards – by putting them in a plastic holder you can prevent damage to the cards and prolong their life. Most badge holders have a slot at the top to attach to another ID accessory like a lanyard, reel, or strap clip, but some have clips on the back.

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Strap Clips

Strap clips are small, flexible clips that slide through the slot of your card or badge holder and snap closed to secure your ID card. Then you simply clip it onto your clothing or bag. Strap clips are quick and easy to use, a popular choice for visitor badges and other temporary IDs.

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Clips, Pins, Magnets

In addition to the main accessories, you can use a variety of clips, pins, or magnets. Some clips have adhesive backs so you can stick it right to the ID card or badge holder.

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WCR3237-600USBarcodes are an extremely common card feature because they can be printed by every ID card printer and encoded by almost all design software. But when you have to choose between 1D and 2D barcodes, do you know which one you need?

1D Barcodes

1D barcodes are the simple vertical line barcodes you see on cereal boxes, library books, and airline tickets. These barcodes hold small amounts of data and, depending on the style, can only hold up to 25 characters of data.

You may want to use 1D barcodes if you are printing basic ID cards without complicated uses, or your software only encodes 1D barcodes.

2D Barcodes & QR Codes

2D barcodes go far beyond the basic vertical lines of the 1D style. Designed with squares, dots, horizontal lines, or other patterns, 2D barcodes give you more options for customization. 2D barcodes can hold larger amounts of data, so these may be a good option if you need more than 25 characters. QR codes are the most commonly used types of 2D barcodes.

2D barcodes do require special barcode readers, so they may not work with your existing equipment. Not all card software can encode 2D barcodes, so make sure your software edition has this feature.

BlogImage_Standard-Badge-Lanyards-2137-50xxIf you require people to display their ID cards, ID accessories are a quick and easy way to keep the cards visible and easily accessible. These accessories are popular with employee ID programs, visitor management, schools, and more.

Why Display Cards

Keeping your ID cards visible goes a long way toward improving security at your business or organization – it helps security guards or doormen identify people as they entire the building, helps control access to secured or restricted areas, and identifies authorized visitors and guests.

If your cards are multifunctional and will be used to unlock doors, pay for parking or lunch, or check out materials, ID accessories will also keep the cards easily at hand.

Most Popular ID Accessories

There are many ID card accessories to choose from, but our most popular options are lanyards, badge reels, and strap clips.

Lanyards are worn around the neck, keeping the attached ID cards front and center. Available in a wide range of styles and materials, lanyards are extremely versatile. They can be used to hold multiple cards and other items including keys.

Badge Reels clip onto your cardholder’s clothing, so they can be worn in a variety of locations. The retractable cords allow users to pull the cards out to scan without taking off the reel. Badge reels typically only hold one ID card.

Strap Clips are clear plastic straps attached to a clip which also attaches to the cardholder’s clothing like a badge reel. Strap clips are often used for visitor and temporary programs.

did-58-preprinted-awareness-lanyardOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and DiscountID is proud to be part of this effort with our line of awareness lanyards featuring the distinctive pink ribbon.

Breast cancer is the second most common form of cancer for women in the US with roughly 1 in 8 women developing cancer. Although cancer rates have gone down in recent years, it is still important to be aware of the risks. You can learn more from the American Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer Awareness Resources online.

With so many women as survivors, and the many family members and friends impacted, these awareness lanyards are a great way to show your support. Lanyards are already a popular ID accessory, and the switch to awareness lanyards for the month of October allows your ID card program to be part of the awareness campaign.

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did-chevron-lanyardID card lanyards are a popular, useful tool for card programs – they make it easy to display employee or visitor badges for security, keep cards easily accessible for swiping at security points or access control systems, and can hold more than one badge or keys.

Standard Lanyards

If you need a solid, dependable lanyard that will display your ID cards, choose from these affordable standard lanyard options:
1/8” round braided lanyards
3/8” flat braided lanyards
3/8” flat ribbed lanyards
Lanyard/reel combos
Non-breakaway flat polyester lanyards
Non-breakaway 3/4” flat lanyards

Each of these lanyards comes in a wide variety of colors such as black, red, navy blue, or green.

Fashion Lanyards

If you want to use your lanyard to add some style and fun to the workday, choose an eye-catching fashion lanyards! Options include:
Chevron-print lanyards
Paint splatter print lanyards
Rhinestone lanyards
Neon lanyards

In addition to displaying your ID badge, these lanyards are a great update to a solid colored or black lanyard.

Specialized Lanyards

If you need a specific type of lanyard, there are many options for specialty lanyards including:
Sustainable bamboo lanyards
Printed “Safety First” lanyards
Awareness lanyards
Anti-microbial lanyards
100% recycled P.E.T. lanyards
Vinyl lanyards

And many, many more options. Lanyards are available in any style you could want, so shop all lanyards on DiscountID today!

School ID BadgeIt’s now August, which means teachers and school districts across the country are getting ready for the new school year. Do you have all the supplies and ID accessories you need to start the year?

Complete ID Systems

If your school is looking to update or replace an old ID card system, DiscountID has many great options at low prices. Shop our selection of ID card systems and find the best systems from leading manufacturers including Magicard, Datacard, Fargo, Evolis, and Zebra.

Complete ID card systems are a great option because they contain everything you need to get started: a printer, software, blank cards, and ribbon.

Visitor ID Badges

For security purposes, most schools now require all visitors to check in with the front office and get a visitor badge when they enter the building. These expiring visitor management cards let you know instantly if the visitor is authorized or not – once the card has expired it will show the expiration pattern and students, staff, and security personnel can report anyone in the building with an expired pass.

ID Card Accessories

If your school requires teachers to display ID cards while working, you’ll need an ID card accessory. Lanyards are always popular because the work with any style of clothing from casual to uniforms, and come in a wide range of colors, styles, and patterns.

If you want something that prevents the ID card from hanging down and potentially getting in your way while working, try a badge reel. These easily attach to your clothing using a traditional clip or pocket clip.

Badge Buddy - HorizontalSecurity is a top priority in the healthcare industry – healthcare professionals have access to private patient information, medical supplies, and drugs. Adding Badge Buddies can help you improve security.

What’s a Badge Buddy? These pre-printed cards with titles like Doctor, RN, and NA are bright, eye-catching ID badge accessories. Healthcare workers are already required to display photo ID badges while working, and a Badge Buddy worn behind that photo ID makes it easier to spot works from a distance because of the color-coordinated system.

This is helpful for other healthcare workers looking for a specific person, but also for security guards and patients and their families when looking for help from someone.

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BlogImage_ID-AccessoryPack-100ID accessories help you wear your ID cards – an essential feature if your cards need to be visible or easily accessible while working. What’s the best way to stock up on accessories? An accessory pack!

ID accessory packs have everything you need in one convenient pack. These packs come in two sizes – 100 and 500 packs – so you’ll always have accessories on hand for issuing new ID cards.

Each pack comes with breakaway lanyards in your choice of color, strap clips to attach to the ID cards, and a slot punch to punch the cards.

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economical-badge-reelsID badge lanyards are extremely popular accessories because they are easy to wear and use. But don’t be limited by just lanyards – there are many alternative ID accessories to explore!

Badge Reels

ID badge reels clip onto your clothing, making them a great alterative for workplaces with safety requirements that won’t allow you to wear a lanyard. Popular with healthcare and corrections workers, a reel can clip onto your clothing or slide onto a pocket and the retractable cord keeps the cards close at hand without getting in your way.

Reels come in a wide range of styles including colorful patterns and durable heavy-duty models. The type of clip and the card attachment can change from reel to reel, so you can always find one that works for your ID card program.

Strap Clips

ID badge strap clips work the slipping a strap through the hole in your card (or in the card holder) and snapping it closed to lock the card into the strap clip. Then you clip the badge to your clothing anywhere you need – these strap clips work will with jackets, collared shirts, pockets, and more.

Worried about the clip damaging your clothing? Look for a style of strap clip with a clothing-friendly clip made from plastic or with a flat edge that won’t tear delicate fabrics.

Clips, Pins & More

Want even more variety in your ID accessories? Try out clips, pins, magnets, and more! From strong magnetic attachments to bar pins, you’ll find everything you need to easily display your ID cards.

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did-autism-awareness-lanyard_1_1April is Autism Awareness Month – show your support for those with autism, their families, and the continued research into autism with these eye-catching awareness lanyards.

Lanyards are an easy way for your cardholders to wear their ID cards while at work, making these lanyards popular in schools, hospitals and healthcare clinics, non-profit and patient advocacy organizations, volunteer events, and more.

This lanyard is available in two colorful puzzle patterns; choose from pink/blue/navy, or red/yellow/blue/navy. Each lanyard features a safety breakaway clip, and a durable metal swivel hook attachment.

Made from a polyester material, each lanyard is 36” long and 3/4” wide. Sold in packs of 100.

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