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placeholder_ribbons_03Here at we’re committed to providing the lowest, most competitive prices on all ID card printers and supplies.  As part of our pledge to low prices, we have our  own price match policy to ensure you’re getting a true bargain every time you shop with us.

All purchases from DiscountID are backed by our Low Price Guarantee.  If you find a better price on any item we carry, we promise to beat it!

Getting a price match is fast & easy:

  1. Call (800) 621-0559 or send an email to with a link to a competitor’s price or a copy of a competitor’s quote. In your email, make sure to include your name, company & phone number.
  2. We’ll quickly verify the price is from an authorized reseller who has the identical item in stock, and will take into consideration the final cost after any discounts or shipping & handling fees.
  3. Immediately after verification we’ll give you a BETTER price, and help you complete your purchase. If you have already purchased the item within the last 14 days, we’ll promptly refund the difference.

DID_Blog_Image_SystemAt, we understand that shipping costs can really add a large chunk of change to your purchase.  For orders over $100, the shipping fees are on us!

To receive free shipping, make sure you select “super saver shipping” at checkout.  Once you’ve checked this option, the shipping fees will be waived.

Note, that this our free shipping offer is not available for shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, or U.S. territories.   Also, keep in mind that the order amount must be equal to or greater than $100 USD in order to receive free shipping. prides itself on delivering superior customer service, and as a result has forged long-term relationships with hundreds of companies and organizations.    We are confident that when you shop with us, you’ll have a positive experience and want to come back again when stocking up on your ID card supplies.  We feature a vast selection of ID badge printers, systems, and accessories to fulfill your program’s needs.

You can expect the lowest prices on our website, backed by top-notch service from our friendly ID card experts. Don’t take it just from us — see what our customers are saying about us below and you’ll begin to understand that we take customer service, product knowledge, and fast delivery seriously!

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To read more customer testimonials, you can find them here.




UntitledAlso referred to as “retransfer printing,” reverse transfer printing does not print in the way a direct-to-card printer would, since it does not print through a ribbon.  Instead, a reverse transfer printer actually prints the cardholder information and/or image onto a special film which is then firmly affixed to the card itself, from edge to edge. Some people prefer
reverse transfer printing to dye-sublimination, but it really depends on the specific needs of your ID card program to make an informed choice.  Here’s a rundown of some of the benefits of investing in a reverse transfer printer

– Superb image resolution, for better image quality

– Creates extremely durable cards due to added layer of protection

– Tamper-resistant to prevent counterfeit card

– Prints well on uneven surfaces (characteristics of smart cards)

– Printhead never comes into direct contact with the cards, increasing printer lifespan

There are a lot of choices when it comes to the type of printer technology you’d like to employ in your ID badge program, but we’re always here to help you decide on which type is most appropriate for your organization or company.  Our experts are well versed in all printer technologies, and are ready to help point you in the right direction.

Yes and no.  While technically you can snap your ID badge photo with a digital camera, it’s not recommended.  Our ID photo experts suggest investing in a webcam ID camera for capturing optimally sized images in seconds. The great thing about a webcam is that it automatically drops the image (at the correct size & resolution) directly into the card template without having to wait for it to download.  This will save you time — and ensure accuracy of cardholders’ photos — when printing large batches of cards.

Should you decide to use your digital camera after all, you’ll want the resolution set at 640 x 480.  It’s important to note that ID badge printers only print 300 dpi.  If you’re looking for a reliable webcam, we recommend the Logitech C270 Webcam ID Camera. Compatible with Windows Vista, 7, and 8, the Logitech C270 produces exceptionally clear and identifiable images. The lightweight device is designed for long-term use so snap away!



Looking for a free design resource? AlphaCard, a trusted provider of ID card solutions and software, now offers FREE badge templates for anyone using AlphaCard ID Suite Standard, AlphaCard ID Suite Professional, and AlphaCard ID Suite Elite software versions.  DiscountID is proud to feature AlphaCard ID Suite Software in several of its ID card systems, enabling you to easily and effectively manage your company or organization’s cardholder information.  If you’re not sure whether AlphaCard ID suite is the right fit for your company’s ID card program, try it for a limited time with a free 6-week trial.

Available in AlphaCard’s learning center, these unique ID card templates span such industries as healthcare, hospitality, government, and more.  Best of all, they’re free and entail “how to” download steps.  All designs can be fully edited to suit your ID card program, meaning you can change, remote or add text fields and images as needed.  Need to change the colors? No problem – these ID card templates can be modified all from your computer as long as you are operating with AlphaCard ID Suite Standard and above.

Go ahead – check them out!

Card Template Example


Twin Falls, Idaho is now a safer place for youth sports, as coaches are required to don visible ID badges while out on the field.   Twin Falls Park and Recreation implemented the change in safety to become effective this year, demonstrating the department’s commitment to protecting children who participate in youth sports.  After coaches pass an extensive background check, they’re then given a badge to display so that youth participants and their parents know the coach is permitted to be on the field. We think this is a smart idea!

sports balls

In recent years, ID card systems have been introduced at numerous schools and universities as a means to increase security and instill a safer environment for students iStock_000005882583XSmalland faculty.  Another college has jumped on the bandwagon by upgrading its key system to proximity & photo identification cards.  With the build-out of the ID card infrastructure underway, students at Macalester College can expect to use their new student identification cards for accessing residential halls and academic areas such as study rooms.

The program, estimated at around $400,000 will cover all Macalester students – resting at just over 2,000 undergraduates. As of right now, students are still using keys to access buildings and rooms, which has resulted in hundreds of lost keys that students have misplaced or left behind.  The ID badges fit perfectly inside a wall, which could possibly reduce the number of lost cards.  Macalester decision makers note that the new ID badge system makes it easy to keep spare cards on hand.  Moreover, the new system will be able to print out replacement cards swiftly so that students have ID cards with them at all times. As soon as an ID card goes missing, the University will also be able to deactivate the card as to prevent unauthorized access.

You can read the full story by visiting the Mac Weekly, the college’s student online newspaper.

Curious as to how ID badges have changed over over time? A gallery exhibit in early February 2014 featured roughly 250 vintage employee ID badges from industrial U.S. workers, highlighting the evolution of the ID badges and ID portraits between the 1930s and 1950s.

You can see example images of vintage ID cards here.

ancient card

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DIDBlogImage_cameraWhile it may seem counter-intuitive, larger image sizes (over 2 MP) can actually result in grainy, poor-quality ID card photos.  Due to the large amount of data, the Photo ID card software is unable fit all of it into the printed image.

In addition, extremely large image files can actually slow down the entire program as well, as the images jam up the database.  To ensure the optimal resolution for your photo ID image file, recommends taking your photos with the Logitech Webcam.

For clear, focused images, the file size of the photo should be no larger than 2 megapixels.