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Navigating the world of ID card systems can seem overwhelming if you’re not familiar with the technology. We’ve created a few pointers to help simplify the process.

If you will be printing less than 100 cards per year…then one of our entry-level ID card systems is probably the right choice for you. Systems that feature printers like the Magicard Pronto, the Fargo DTC1250e, or the Zebra ZXP Series 3 are designed to meet the needs of smaller organizations. Many smaller scale organizations will only need single-sided cards.

If you will be printing 100-500 cards per year…then mid-range systems are the answer for you. Card printers such as the Fargo DTC4250e and the Magicard Enduro3E all provide enough printing power and functionality to meet the needs of medium-sized businesses and organizations.

If you will be printing more than 500 cards per year…then you will want to consider systems that are capable of handling high-volume printing. Systems that feature printers such as the Fargo DTC4500e, the Magicard Rio Pro, or the Zebra ZXP Series 7 are all capable of batch printing, which helps improve the efficiency of larger organizations. These printers also all come with Ethernet connectivity for easy networked printing.

Taking care of you blank card stock is just as important as maintaining your printer. Keeping your cards clean is vital for ensuring that you get the best quality prints each and every time you use your printer. Any flaws that are on the card stock can be transferred to your print job, giving you less than ideal results.

Make sure to keep your blank cards free from debris and dust. Any stray particles on the surface of a card can cause imperfections and flaws when you print. Dust and debris can also damage the print head and other printing mechanisms inside your ID card printer.

To keep your cards clean keep them in the case they came in, or in an airtight and watertight container. Look the cards over before printing and keep a dust cloth at hand to wipe the cards off if you notice any dust or debris.

Taking note of the card storage temperature is also important. Extreme heat or cold can damage PVC cards, making them more brittle and susceptible to snapping. Store your cards in a temperature-controlled area and make sure not to put them through drastic temperature changes.

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To ensure peak performance from your ID card printer, just follow a few simple printer maintenance steps. We’ve gathered a few DiscountID general rules of thumb for maintaining your printer.

Clean your Printer Regularly

It’s good idea to clean your printer every time you change the ribbon. Cleaning kits often come with two important tools to do this – swabs and long alcohol-soaked cards.

The swabs are used to clean the printhead to remove dust and debris that may build up from the cards and the ribbons. Removing this dirt will help prevent streaky printing and damage to the printhead.

The long cards are inserted into the printer during the cleaning cycle and clean off the rollers as they go over the card, so any dust and debris they have picked up from cards is removed. This helps the rollers continue to accurately pick up and move cards through the printing process.

Along with cleaning the print head and rollers, make sure to clean the rest of the printer too. Use a can of compressed air, you can remove dust and debris from important printer mechanisms. This will help ensure that your cards won’t get jammed or have streaks.

Only use Recommended Supplies

Each manufacturer has cleaning kits developed specifically for use with their printers. While it may be tempting to use a discounted off-brand cleaning kit, this will only hurt your printer in the long run.

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Verify that Everything is Aligned Correctly

Printer mechanisms that are misaligned can cause marring or streaks and even jam cards. Taking the extra time to make sure that all the machinery lines up will ensure professional looking prints.

Resolute Health, a healthcare company located in Texas, has just launched a new health security smart card program that helps facilitate patient registration and stores important patient data.

The Resolute Health BeneFIT smart card automates the registration process. Using the card, patients can check into the Resolute Health Center for Wellbeing or the Resolute Health Family Urgent Care Center and be accurately identified. The card authenticates a patient’s ID when they check-in and pulls up the correct medical card.

When the patients are signed in, they will be automatically checked in at different registration points throughout the center, which allows Resolute Health to institute a paperless registration process. This decreases patient wait times by streamlining the entire process.

Not only does the new system match the correct medical records to the patient, the new smart cards are also designed to be useful should an emergency situation occur. Using the smart card first responders can pull up critical patient information such as prescriptions and medical history. That important information can be sent to the ER ahead of the patient to help the emergency staff prepare for the patient’s arrival.

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Throughout the month of February you can save when you upgrade your photo ID camera to HD. Now through the end of the month save $50 off the HD Camera with Sony Tripod. This camera kit pairs the BadgePlus HD Image Cam Pro with a mini desktop tripod and a sturdy Sony Tripod to create an incredibly easy-to-use system for taking ID photos.

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Finding the right ribbon for your printer doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With’s Ribbon Finder you are just a couple clicks away from a customized list of ribbons that will work with your printer.

The Ribbon Finder is conveniently located on our home page. Simply select your printer brand, choose your printer model, and click FIND MY RIBBON. You will be automatically taken to a page that lists every ribbon compatible with your printer. From there, you can easily add the items to your cart and place your order. Now if only finding the perfect last minute Christmas present was this easy…

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Now is the chance to save big on some of our most popular ID accessories. Through the end of December selected lanyards, reels and badge holders are an additional 20% off.

Lanyards, reels, and badge holders are great options for carrying, protecting, and displaying your ID cards and badges. Available in a wide selection of colors you can customize the look of your ID program.

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You can start your ID card program with a clean slate this fall when you purchase any photo ID system from Now through the end of the month, all ID card systems come with the cleaning kit for free.

Keeping your printer clean will ensure that your ID card system will continue to produce professional ID cards many years down the road. An easy way to do this is by using the cleaning kit that comes with your system. Every printer manufacturer will have different recommendations for how often to clean your printer, but a good rule of thumb is to clean it every time the ribbon is changed.

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There’s nothing we love more than an efficient printer with built-in security. Good thing the Magicard Rio Pro is on the scene. The Rio Pro not only provides quick, professional card printing, but also offers an extra layer of security with the patented Magicard HoloKote secure watermark system.

With both single and dual-sided models, the Rio Pro produces full-color single-sided cards in as little as 23 seconds, and monochrome cards in just 6 seconds. A 100-card input hopper and 70-card output hopper make it easy to do batch printing. The Magicard printer also has hand-feed capability for one-off printing.

The built-in HoloKote system is one of the biggest benefits of adding the Rio Pro to your card program. With HoloKote, a secure watermark is printed across the face of every card at no additional cost. The Rio Pro also supports the Custom HoloKote Key, which allows you to use your own custom image or text as the watermark. The HoloKote Flex tool prints the custom watermark at any size or location across the surface of the card.

Combine the Magicard Rio Pro’s HoloKote system with HoloPatch cards, and see your security double. One section of the secure HoloKote watermark will be highlighted to create a high-visibility security seal.