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In Lubbock Texas, the Lubbock Independent School District (LISD) has decided to take the important step of implementing an ID program for its students and faculty members. Schools within the district such as Coronado High School have enrollments of up to 2,160 students, a huge number of people to identify and keep track of without modern identification.

With so many young people in one place the obvious and most important implication of having strong ID is security. In particular, the ability to quickly and reliably ascertain an individual’s identity raises accountability and allows a rapid assessment of whether they belong on school grounds or within restricted areas. As stated by the district’s police chief, if but one crime is prevented, the program will be worthwhile.

LISD also recognizes that the benefits of their new ID program extend beyond just added security. By including advanced badge features the IDs will simplify and streamline the student experience through their use in purchasing meals, checking out books, and gaining access to events and the school itself. Additionally, understanding that the days of a faculty member learning every students name unassisted are long gone, LISD looks forward to the benefit IDs will provide in student-faculty familiarization.

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