The Different Types of Lanyard Clips

Category: ID Accessories

BlogImage_Standard-Badge-Lanyards-2137-50xxLanyards make it easy for cardholders to keep their ID card handy all day long, and are commonly used for employee ID cards, payment cards, and building access cards. But when shopping for lanyards, do you know which lanyard clip type you want?

Swivel hook attachments are a popular choice because it’s easy to get cards or other items on and off. If you’re going to hold several cards, keys, or other items on your lanyard however, a split ring may work better for your cardholders.

If your badges get taken on and off the lanyards during the day, a bulldog clip may work best–you just need to squeeze it to open and close. Wide plastic hooks work well with cards that have a horizontal slop punch, and a badge reel makes it easy to swipe your cards for payment or building access without taking the lanyard off.