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Curious as to how ID badges have changed over over time? A gallery exhibit in early February 2014 featured roughly 250 vintage employee ID badges from industrial U.S. workers, highlighting the evolution of the ID badges and ID portraits between the 1930s and 1950s.

You can see example images of vintage ID cards here.

ancient card

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DIDBlogImage_cameraAdding cardholder photos to your ID cards make them distinctive and ideal for cardholder identification, but it can be hard to consistently get clear, focused portraits. Here are some tips from our ID experts that can help you take clear photos:

  1. Uniform background – Using the same background for all your cardholder photos makes it easier to have a uniform look and design for all your photo ID cards. Bold colored backgrounds can also make your photos distinctive, so you can tell cards apart from unauthorized duplication with a quick glance. Portable backgrounds are convenient for travel, so you can take uniform photos in any location.
  2. LightingID cameras with a flash make it simple to take photos that clearly identify the cardholder. A flash gives you flexibility in where and when you can take photos, so you’re not limited by the time of day or bleak overhead lighting.
  3. Tripods – To help you take clear photos, a tripod is essential for keeping the camera level and steady. Adjustable tripods are great for taking photos in multiple locations because you can adjust it to fit on the floor or on a desk.

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fargo-dtc4250eIf you’re in the market for an extremely fast ID card printer so you can knock out large batches of cards, the new ID printers from Fargo are your printer solution!

Able to print single-sided full color cards in 16 seconds (and dual-sided cards in 24 seconds!), the new DTC1250e, DTC4250e, or DTC4500e bring new technology and print speeds to your ID card program. Available in single or dual-sided models, you can also upgrade your printer with magnetic stripe encoding, Ethernet connectivity, and even Wi-Fi.

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