Do you Know the Different Types of Printer Ribbons?

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placeholder_ribbons_03Instead of using ink like an inkjet printer, ID card printers use special ribbons with color panels. The three colors that make up all colored ribbons are yellow, magenta, and cyan, but do you know the different types of ribbons ID card printers can use?

YMC ribbons contain the three basic colors, with no black or overlay panel.

KO ribbons contain just a black panel and a clear overlay.

YMCKO ribbons have the three colors, plus black and a clear overlay.

YMCKOK ribbons are for dual-sided cards, and print color on the front and black on the back.

In addition, there are ribbons with holographic images, ribbons designed for cards with signature panels, scratch-off ribbons, and much more! If you aren’t sure which ribbons you need for your ID card printer, our Ribbon & Supply Finder will quickly find all your printer’s compatible ribbons.