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DIDBlogImage_cameraAdding cardholder photos to your ID card designs make it easier to verify the cardholder is the person in the photo, improving your building’s security. When taking those photos, you’ll want to use some basic equipment to ensure that all your photos come out clear and uniform.

ID cameras are designed to work with your card design software. Megapixel cameras will give you clear photos, while a camera with a flash prevents shadows and dark lighting.

A tripod will help you keep the camera level and steady. By positioning the camera at the same height on the tripod you can also ensure your cardholder photos are uniform and easily identifiable.

Finally, a backdrop also helps your take uniform cardholder photos. Portable backdrops also allow you to take photos in any location without distracting backgrounds.

BlogImage_ID-AccessoryPack-100Available in 100 or 500 bundles, ID accessory packs come with everything you need to easily display or wear your ID cards. Visible ID cards add safety and efficiency to your ID program by keeping the cards easily at hand. Match the lanyards to your school colors or company logo for added style; choose from black, green, navy blue, red, or royal blue.

ID accessory packs come with breakaway lanyards, strap clips to attach your ID cards to the lanyards, and a slot punch.

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BlogImage_Fargo-ID-Card-Printer-Cleaning-Kit-86177After installing the software, setting up your database, and designing the cards, you want your new ID cards to come our looking perfect. With just a few simple steps you can ensure your print quality always stays great by properly cleaning and caring for your printer and supplies.

After you replace a ribbon, always remember to clean the printer. Using specially designed ID printer cleaning kits you can clean the rollers and the card hopper to keep your cards moving smoothly through the printer. You can also clean the print head, to ensure that dust cannot build up and blur your images.

Between full cleanings, you can also use a can of compressed air to gently blow away and dirt and debris that can cause problems with the sensors in the printer. These sensors tell the printer when a card is present, but if they are blocked by dust the printer can jam or refuse to recognize cards.

How you store and handle blank ID cards can also have an impact on print quality. Cards should only by picked up by the edge, so you don’t leave fingerprints on their surface that can cause images to blur or smudge. When not in use, cards should be stored in airtight containers away from sunlight, dust, and moisture.

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In this first edition of the newsletter we’re sharing some of our favorite colored ID accessories so you’ll always be in style. You will also learn about eco-friendly ribbons from Zebra, and how upgrading your computer could potentially cause compatibility issues with your ID card system.


With the new school year, Montgomery High School in California has decided to improve security on campus by requiring all students and staff to wear visible school ID cards. Because the campus is open, it is easy to non-students and staff to walk into buildings; the new ID policy will make it easy to instantly identify if someone belongs on school grounds.

School safety is a top priority, but many schools cannot afford to completely update an existing security system. Requiring visible ID cards, often displayed with lanyards or badge reels, offers schools an easy and affordable way to improve security while developing other plans.

“It’s a fine line between creating a welcoming, nurturing environment and creating a fortress and the message that sends to students,” said Superintendent Socorro Shields.

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