New ID cards for students at Tufts University

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newspaper_BLOG_DIDAs schools and universities begin to rely on the multifunctional uses for student ID cards for everything from tracking attendance to checking a book out from the library and buying lunch, it becomes more important that you have one unified system that can track all the data. At Tufts University in Medford, MA, students will be getting new cards this fall for just that purpose.

The new iSIS, or Integrated Student Information System, used by offices all over campus will be introduced with the new ID cards. The new system will make it easier to pull up student information with their ID number.  This will help staff at the university be more informed, improving services to all students.

New students attending Tufts this fall will get the new cards as part of registration, while returning students will be required to turn in their old ID card to receive the new one.

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