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placeholder_ribbons_03When it comes to ribbons and supplies for your ID card printer, you should only use the manufacturer-recommended parts. But with so many different ribbons, cleaning kits, blank cards and more it can be difficult to find the specific items you need. Our new Supply Finder makes this process easy!

The new Supply Finder tool is simple to use—you only need to answer two questions. Select your printer brand from the drop down menu, and then your printer model.

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newspaper_BLOG_DIDWith 30 buildings and 15,000 students to supervise, the Dayton Public School System in Ohio works hard to ensure students are safe while attending classes. A school ID system using the Fargo DTC4500 ID card printer now attempts to solve both problems by tracking student attendance.

The Dayton school system’s new ID cards have streamlined the system for checking in tardy students by automatically printing a hall pass when the student’s ID card is scanned by the office, instead of requiring office aids to handwrite the passes. The new system also allows the schools to keep a much more accurate record of which students are currently in the building for emergency situations.

Accessing the multifunctional power of ID cards, the student IDs are also being used as library cards and lunch payment cards.

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enzxp71-s_zebra-zxp-series-7-single-sided-printer_1If your organization needs to quickly print large numbers of ID cards, Zebra’s new ZXP Series 7 printers may be right for you! The ZXP Series 7 comes in both single-sided and dual-sided models, with optional lamination and encoding modules.

The ZXP Series 7’s fast print speed comes from its unique design—the printer can print, laminate, and encode a card all in one pass. The printers can also handle multiple print jobs at once, laminating one card while it starts printing the next card.

Most importantly for growing businesses, the printer can be modified as you need new features. Upgrade from single-sided printing to dual-sided printing, and add lamination, with easy in-field upgrades.

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