Monthly Archives: May 2012

Resolute Health, a healthcare company located in Texas, has just launched a new health security smart card program that helps facilitate patient registration and stores important patient data.

The Resolute Health BeneFIT smart card automates the registration process. Using the card, patients can check into the Resolute Health Center for Wellbeing or the Resolute Health Family Urgent Care Center and be accurately identified. The card authenticates a patient’s ID when they check-in and pulls up the correct medical card.

When the patients are signed in, they will be automatically checked in at different registration points throughout the center, which allows Resolute Health to institute a paperless registration process. This decreases patient wait times by streamlining the entire process.

Not only does the new system match the correct medical records to the patient, the new smart cards are also designed to be useful should an emergency situation occur. Using the smart card first responders can pull up critical patient information such as prescriptions and medical history. That important information can be sent to the ER ahead of the patient to help the emergency staff prepare for the patient’s arrival.

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