University of Arizona announces new student CatCards

Category: ID Cards in the News

Starting this summer, the University of Arizona will start issuing new student CatCards to incoming freshman. The cards featuring a new style of smart card chip that allows students to “tap and go” instead of swiping magnetic stripes, making the cards more durable and secure.

Current CatCards allow students to enter buildings on campus, pay for meal plans, and store student data. The new cards will add several new functions, including student voting and e-tickets. Existing students can pay $25 to upgrade their existing student ID cards, although it is not required to get around campus. Designing a student ID that can pay for lunch, unlock a dorm building, and vote in student elections allows students to streamline their wallets because only one card is required for many daily actions.

Students at the University of Arizona were also encouraged to vote on the new card design. Three looks were presented based on the Arizona state flag, the desert mountains, and the school mascot Wilbur the Wildcat.