Bike Share Program at University of Tennessee

Category: ID Cards in the News

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville has taken steps to make the campus more pedestrian and bike friendly by creating a bike sharing system. These stations allow students to easily borrow bikes with the swipe of an ID card, creating a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Two bike stations have been set up on the campus featuring both standard and electric bikes. Electric bikes use a small battery that powers the bike up steep hills when peddling may be difficult, and students use their IDs to check out new batteries. The twenty bikes are currently available through automated self check-out stations that allow students to check-out and return bikes at their convenience.

The program is made possible using magnetic stripe encoding technology. When a student swipes an ID card, the student number is checked against a database of students enrolled in the bike share program. If you’re looking to create a similar system on your campus, offers many ID card systems to help schools manage their student programs.