Tip of the Month – Increase card security with hologram stickers

Category: Tip of the Month

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to increase the security of a card system, hologram stickers may be the perfect option. These self-adhesive holograms come in a variety of styles and add visible tamper-proof security to any card, either as an overlaminate that covers the entire card or as a smaller sticker that can be used as a security seal on the surface of the card.

There are many safety advantages to hologram stickers. Many hologram stickers can visibly ensure the cards are authentic with tamper-proof patterns, reducing counterfeit cards. Overlaminate hologram stickers also improve the lifespan of a card by reducing daily wear and tear on the plastic face of the card. Additionally, hologram stickers come in a variety of sizes and patterns which allow users to design visually distinct cards.

Shop hologram stickers today to quickly and easily increase your card program’s security.