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Magnetic stripe cards are available in two varieties: HiCo and LoCo. So what’s the difference? It turns out HiCo cards are more coercive, while LoCo cards are less coercive. A higher coerciveness is more secure, but not always necessarily better.

For instance, LoCo cards are more affordable. They may not last as long as HiCo Cards, but LoCo cards are ideal for use in card programs that reissue cards frequently.

With their higher level of coercivity, HiCo cards are better for long term use. They are able to hold information longer before wearing out. Point and case – your debit or credit card is likely a HiCo card.

Magnetic stripe cards are a popular choice for access control, point tracking and financial transactions.

Shop ID cards to find LoCo and HiCo magnetic stripe cards.

There’s nothing we love more than an efficient printer with built-in security. Good thing the Magicard Rio Pro is on the scene. The Rio Pro not only provides quick, professional card printing, but also offers an extra layer of security with the patented Magicard HoloKote secure watermark system.

With both single and dual-sided models, the Rio Pro produces full-color single-sided cards in as little as 23 seconds, and monochrome cards in just 6 seconds. A 100-card input hopper and 70-card output hopper make it easy to do batch printing. The Magicard printer also has hand-feed capability for one-off printing.

The built-in HoloKote system is one of the biggest benefits of adding the Rio Pro to your card program. With HoloKote, a secure watermark is printed across the face of every card at no additional cost. The Rio Pro also supports the Custom HoloKote Key, which allows you to use your own custom image or text as the watermark. The HoloKote Flex tool prints the custom watermark at any size or location across the surface of the card.

Combine the Magicard Rio Pro’s HoloKote system with HoloPatch cards, and see your security double. One section of the secure HoloKote watermark will be highlighted to create a high-visibility security seal.

With hundreds of printer ribbons in stock, finding the right ribbon can be a bit overwhelming. is pleased to provide a way to make it easier for you to find the correct replacement ribbon for your printer.

First, locate the Find a Ribbon for My Printer tool on our home page. Begin by selecting your printer brand, then your printer model. You will be automatically redirected to a page listing every ribbon compatible with your printer that we have in our inventory.

Visit to try it out and see for yourself how quick and simple it is to locate the correct ribbon for your needs.

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