Check out our new visitor badges

Category: Product News

We have some cool new visitor management products from TempBADGE. These items are an easy and economical way for schools and organizations to identify guests, while also limiting the length of their permitted stay.

The School Badge Kit is designed for use by daycares and schools. The self-adhesive badge sticks directly onto the visitor’s clothing. To personalize it, handwrite the guest’s name and the date with a marker or pen. Here’s where the fun part comes in; this kit also includes bright green apple stickers that are applied directly over the face of the card. These stickers gradually turn red over the course of a day, indicating that the visitor’s pass has expired.

For construction sites and other uses requiring a more rugged solution, we have bright yellow, plastic VOIDbadge Visitor ID Badges that are highly visible and reusable. Combine them with one-day expiring TIMEtokens and you have a customizable visitor ID card.

Perfect for just about any organization, TIMEbadge Visitor ID Badges adhere to the visitor’s clothing and provide plenty of space to write their name, the date, and so on. To activate the one day expiration, remove the liner separating the front and back, then press the remaining layers together.

If you want a more finished look, consider Printable TIMEbadges. These badges can be print upon with an inkjet printer, opening up endless possibilities for custom designs. These self-adhesive stickers expire one day after activation and are appropriate for professional use, such as within corporations.