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Sitting in a waiting room for nine hours is common for patients seeking emergency medical care in Alberta, Canada.  In effort to improve health care access, Calgary’s Rockyview General Hospital is using smart cards to expedite medical care to those who need it most. In its first few months, administrators have discovered that using patient smart cards significantly reduces emergency room wait times by making it quicker for doctors to access patient information.

Instead of logging in and out of multiple systems throughout the day, ER doctors now simply log into a work station and insert a patient card. When the smart card is ejected, the doctor is automatically logged out and the patient information is no longer available. Since beginning the pilot program, doctors have reported saving as much as time as one hour per shift. With seven doctors on at a time, it saves seven hours of time that doctors now use to focus on treating patients.

Each smart card stores a patient’s information, such a medical history, current medications and other vital stats. Because the information is stored on a microchip embedded within the card, the new method protects patient privacy better than the former system.

Smart cards are a multifunctional tool used in a variety of industries, such as in health care. has a variety of ID card printers, many of which can print and encode smart cards.

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We have some good news to share from Evolis. There is a new ID card printer on the horizon. The forthcoming Zenius offers quick, quiet card printing and boasts an innovative cube-like design. It is both light and portable, making it easy to print cards on location.

In addition to high quality printing, the Evolis Zenius can be upgraded to encode magnetic stripe cards. This economical card technology is an affordable solution to creating transit cards, university ID cards, employee badges and more. The speedy Zenius prints 120 to 150 color cards per hour or 400 to 500 monochrome cards per hour, making it well suited for high volume print loads. Conveniently, the included input and output card hoppers are situated on the front of the printer for easy access. Yet the Evolis Zenius offers a manual feeding mode for one off printing as well.

Refreshingly easy to use, the Zenius is certainly one of the most aesthetically pleasing printers on the market. In fact, it is available in two colors. Choose fire red accents for a little personality, or subtle smoky grey accents that fit into environment.

The ingenious Evolis Zenius will be available soon.

Did you hear the buzz? We’ve introduced a blog to, and we’re excited to have a place to share news, ID printing tips, and product information with you. The ID Buzz is your home for up-to-date information on the ID industry and helpful tips from ID printing experts.

We’ll be sharing stories about successful ID card programs, introducing monthly promotions, and providing a Tip of the Month for how to run a successful and professional ID card program. Our crew of ID Buzz bloggers is dedicated to bringing you the most relevant ID information out there, keeping you apprised of the latest updates on ID card printers, photo ID systems, ID accessories, and more.