Photo ID Systems

Many different institutions rely on the use of photo ID systems capable of producing photo-quality images on plastic ID cards.

Photo ID Systems for Schools

At schools, plastic ID cards can help identify teachers and staff. Adult visitors to the school can have ID cards quickly made for them. Adults not wearing ID badges can then be isolated as individuals who should not be allowed to stay inside school grounds without explaining their reason for being there.

Photo ID Systems for Universities

Universities also rely on photo ID systems to print student ID cards. College students use their ID cards for much more than identification. They use the cards to make purchases in college book stores and laundromats, or to buy meals in the school cafeteria. In this particular organization, barcoding or magnetic striping turn mere ID cards into transactional tools.

Photo ID Systems for Correctional Facilities

Correctional facilities also require on-site photo ID systems. Security is obviously of the utmost importance in prisons. Knowing who is who is vital to maintaining a secure prison. Other high-security facilities that rely on photo systems include hospitals and airports. A large sized hospital will most certainly require an ID card maker of its own.

Photo ID Systems for other Establishments

Retailers, gyms and cafes can benefit from photo ID card systems in another way. They can create cards for new customers to encourage loyalty. Clubs, spas and gyms can create cards for members that include not only a photo of the member, but detailed information about him or her in an encoded chip. Encoding is the difference between cards that serve only as a form of ID and cards that can be used to provide addiitonal benefits to customers or members whose loyalty merits singling out.