PVC ID Cards

The quality of your PVC ID cards can make or break your ID making program. Most companies, facilities and schools purchase their own ID card-making systems because they need to be able to make cards quickly, reliably and on demand. If your PVC ID cards are so shoddy that their encryption doesn't take, or the colors of the printed image routinely blur, you will end up printing card after card to come up with one that works. This adds time and wastes money-exactly what you were trying to avoid by printing your ID cards yourself.

Superior PVC ID Cards

Superior PVC ID cards, on the other hand, make printing top-notch ID cards a snap. The cards are very even, meaning they will move through the hopper smoothly, without your prompting. Their surfaces are treated in such a way as to accept the color image without blurring or smearing. These cards are often designed to stand up to destructive UV rays.

They should also be built to withstand abrasion, particularly if they are used for access. If a card is used to gain access in different parts of a hotel, office or law firm, chances are it will be swiped dozens of times per day. This kind of constant abrasion can destroy an inferior card in mere months.

Before buying your PVC cards, decide how long you need them to last. Do your homework. Some ID cards are specifically made to be inexpensive but flimsy. For instance, if a card is being made for a one-day visitor, it doesn't need to be designed to last for years. On the other hand, if a card is meant to be used for access and transactions, it should be built to last.