Identification Card Printers

The type of identification card printer you will want to purchase depends on many factors. Before buying your identification card printer or printers, ask yourself how long you will need your ID cards to last. Also, approximate the number of ID cards and ID badges you will need to print each year.

Some identification card printers print full-color images on both sides of a card, while others only print on one side. Some printers are best used for monochromatic printing, while others are great for photo-quality, full-color images. In addition, the type of ID card printer you should purchase depends on the type of encryption you wish to use. You may want to print ID cards with magnetic stripes or barcodes. Then again, you may want to print cards with chip encryption.

High-Volume Identification Card Printers

The volume of cards you expect to print is one of the most important factors in determining which type of printer is best for you. Zebra, the largest maker of ID card printers in the world, suggest users determine whether they expect to print less than 12,000 cards each years, 12,000 to 30,000 cards each year, or greater than 30,000 cards each year. They suggest different printers for these different volumes.

Also, consider whether your card is going to receive a great deal of abrasion. Some ID cards are used by employees to check in and out at work, and to gain access to specific areas of a lab or office. These cards will generate a good bit of friction, since they are constantly being swiped. As such, they will need to be especially strong. A good choice for an ID card printer capable of handling this demand is one that is either able to laminate cards itself or able to accept a separate lamination module in the future.