Identification Badges

Creating your own identification badges on-site can save you a great deal of money in the long run. While the initial costs of the ID badge printer, digital camera and ID card-making software can be fairly high, the cost of supplies and upkeep is reasonably low. You can quickly make your money back. Once you consider how costly it is to outsource the printing of your identification badges, printing them in-house becomes a more and more attractive option.

Printing Identification Badges

Many ID card printers are capable of creating photo-quality, color images. Some printers are able to create identification badges with a number of security features, such as holographic overlaminates. A hologram is a two dimensional image that has the appearance of a three dimensional image. Laying holograms over your identification cards will make them especially hard to duplicate.

In addition to adding unique security features, different models of ID card printers are able to add different types of encryption. Encryption crams a great deal of information into a very small space. Forms of encryption include barcoding, magnetic striping, and smart card chip technology.

If a card is encrypted, it will reveal information about a user and record information about a user every time it is swiped. In this way, gyms and clubs are able to track the habits of their members. Employers are able to monitor the punctuality and productivity of employees. Encryption also enables cards to be used in financial transactions - enabling students to buy meals in their school cafeteria, for example, or patrons of a favored bookstore to quickly receive discounts for their loyalty.