ID PVC Card Systems

An ID card system can be used for much more than just security. It's true that schools, correctional facilities, airports and corporations often produce ID cards for security reasons, but ID cards can also be used by retailers, spas and gyms to create customer loyalty. Health clubs, for instance, often use ID card systems to create ID cards that will help them monitor their members' habits and patterns.

ID Card Systems and Membership

The more you know about your members', clients' or customers' habits, the better you can market to them. Encoding can help you learn more about a member's preferences. For instance, with the help of barcoding technology, you may discover that some of your members only take yoga or aerobics classes, while others prefer to use only the gymnasium equipment. Based on this information, your gym might choose to issue less expensive cards which can be used for access to the equipment only.

The right ID card system doesn't just benefit the gym or club - it also benefits the members. Gym members can use their ID cards for electronic access to their lockers. They can also earn rewards for frequent use of their cards.

Furthermore, good ID cards keep members from lending their cards to friends. If an ID card only has a person's name printed on it, it's easy enough to hand from person to person. Your gym or club will lose a great deal of money if membership cards are shared among several people this way. If, however, the ID card comes with a photo and description, it cannot so easily be misused.