Fargo Printers

Fargo printers, also known as Fargo ID card printers or Fargo ID badge printers, are produced by Fargo Electronics. Fargo Electronics opened for business more than 30 years ago, and they have been producing merchandise of superior quality ever since. The company itself is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but Fargo's name has an international presence. More than 80,000 Fargo printers have been sold to more than 80 different countries.

Fargo Printers and Security

Fargo puts a high priority on security. Many of their innovations include updating and improving security measures. If security is a top priority at your company or within your organization, you may want to use high-end Fargo ID card printers to produce your identification.

Fargo ID cards and ID badges are superior products that meet the very highest requirements. They are used by state, local and federal governments to make drivers' licenses, airport identification badges, and to identify the staff of state correctional facilities. The level of security the cards offer varies according to what type of encoding is used, and what additional details the specific printer is capable of making.

For instance, details can be printed onto an ID card which can only be seen under black light. Holograms can appear, to make the cards more difficult to duplicate. Laminates can be applied, and microtext printed. If security is of the utmost importance at your firm, facility or lab, talk to your Fargo distributor about investing in one of their most recent, most technologically advanced card printers. The payoffs will be in seen in what you don't find missing.