Fargo Card Printers

Fargo card printers are considered among the best ID card printers available today. Fargo card printers share this place in the upper echelon of quality manufacturing with Zebra/Eltron card printers. Fargo card printers are developed, refined, and produced by Fargo Electronics, which opened for business in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1974.

Fargo Electronics has sold upwards of 80,000 card printing systems. They have a presence not only in the United States, but also in 80 other nations across the globe. Their emphasis is on using the most advanced technologies to create the most secure cards; security is their top priority.

Fargo Card Printer Applications

Fargo card printers are used within a number of different industries. They are used to make ID cards and ID badges which identify employees, guards, students, and club members. They help protect people, property and privacy.

Fargo cards are used to identify and track members of the military, the U.S. government, and the employees and staff of correctional facilities. They are used as state drivers' licenses, as bus passes, and for employee identification in airports and on airplanes. They can even be used as parking passes.

They can also be used to process a variety of transactions. For instance, Fargo ID cards can be used to check out books in a school library, pay for lunch in a corporate cafeteria, or count the number of times a snowboarder has made use of a ski lift. If you are unsure how to make their cards work for your business, it would be wise to call a Fargo distributor to learn about the range of tasks that having your own ID card printer could make automatic.