Fargo Card Printer Ribbons

If your company uses Fargo card printers for the production of its ID badges and ID cards, you'll want to find a reliable supplier of Fargo card printer ribbons. The type of Fargo card printer ribbon you'll need depends on the Fargo printer you use. Because there exist so many ribbon options, it is often wise to talk with the supplier about what you have and what you are seeking before you fill your order.

Fargo Card Printer Ribbons

Fargo card printer ribbons do come in a wide variety. Ribbons for the DTC300 and DTC400 series are housed within cartridges, which makes loading them into ID printers especially easy; a cleaning roller also housed within the cartridge makes sure the surface of the blank card is clean before it receives the ribbon's ink.

Full-color dye-sublimation ribbons produce fabulous, photo quality images by blending colors to produce more than 16 million different hues. Oftentimes these ribbons also deposit a clear overlay panel that protects the color image below.

Monochromatic dye-sublimation ribbons are excellent for companies producing cards on a budget. Black dye-sub ribbons can produce bar codes that can be read using visible light. They can also create black and white photographs for ID purposes. Black resin ribbons, as opposed to the black dye-sublimation ribbons, produce bar codes readable by infrared light. Compared to dye-sublimation ribbons, they are relatively inexpensive.

Fargo also creates ribbons that can help promote security within your operations. Perhaps your company creates pharmaceuticals, the formulas for which have to be safely guarded; perhaps you have a number of sensitive legal documents within your office. If security is a high priority, consider using ribbons with fluorescent panels. The fluorescent panel on these ribbons can be used to print security detailing which can only be viewed under black light.