Employee ID Cards

You can get a lot out of your employee ID cards. At first, you may implement employee ID cards strictly as a means of identification - as a security device. Used creatively, however, your employee ID cards can become vital tools that help you monitor access, productivity, absenteeism, and more. They can even be used for employee services, such as buying meals in the cafeteria or sodas from an office vending machine.

What Employee ID Cards Can Do for You

What employee badges can do for you depends largely on the type of badges you make. More powerful cards must be made by printers that are themselves more powerful, and must also be designed by professional grade software. There are many wonderful companies that produce cards and card systems of this caliber. Ranking high among them are Persona, Zebra and Fargo. Zebra, which used to be known as Eltron, may very well be the most successful and powerful maker of card systems in the world.

One reason for going with leaders like these is knowing parts and supplies for their machines will continue to be available even when the machines themselves are no longer in production. Another is to receive their manufacturer's guarantees about repair should your machine break.

A third reason to invest in a card printer made by an established manufacturer is to benefit from the research which these large companies perform. The technology that goes into making ID cards does change, all the time. An example of the fruits of their research is a card that can be encrypted. Encryption allows for a large amount of information to be placed in a small amount of physical space. Encryption can be performed via computer chips, bar coding or magnetic striping.

Technology is also being used to make cards look better and last longer. Printers can now make excellent reproductions of color photos, quickly and affordably. They are printed on better quality cards that don't fray at the corners and therefore need replacement. Replacing cards frequently is expensive and time-consuming; in the case of blank card stock - as with ID badge printers themselves, and so much else - it may be worth it to pay extra for better quality up front.